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COR, ASD, CRE Spec Ops and Intelligence Agencies:

The COR has several branches, ASD has two, and the CRE has three.



Nano Division: Nano is the COR’s most commonly used Spec Ops division. They use the Nano suit 4.0. This suit allows them to create extensions of multiple forms from created nanites. The suit itself acts as a factory for them. The Deep Layer Protocol that protects the user instantly activates if the suit and user are mortally wounded. The Specialist squad for them is corpse squad. These Nano Division soldiers are unable to remove the suit as they are the only things keeping the soldiers alive. Primary form of insertion is orbital drop.


COR Intelligence (CORI): CORI is the intelligence branch of the COR. They are similar to the UNSC’s ONI; though they attempt not to break as many laws, and SHIELD; only without the enemy infiltration. Legion has admitted that without CORI, the COR might have been destroyed decades ago. There are two groups of them: Spectres and Ghosts. Spectres are the men and women behind the desks in CORI. Though they do sometimes go on field ops, they are better behind the desk. Ghosts are the field agents of CORI. They are the ones who go out into combat like other soldiers of the COR.


SPARTAN Vs: The SPARTAN Vs were an idea a member of CORI had. While any SPARTAN, even a IV, is better than a regular soldier, they are not better than a mutant [X-Men style mutant] soldier. This CORI officer began working on a permanent synthetic X-Gene. After several months, she managed to create 300 of it, each with a different usable power. These 300 serums were then introduced into a group of the COR’s SPARTAN IVs. The results created mutant super soldiers. High Commander Aldanna immediately created the SPARTAN Vs as the next phase of the SPARTAN project. These 300 were the first members.


Arashakage: The Arashakage are the COR’s stealth Spec Ops Division. They are used to go anywhere and never be seen, yet utterly destroy the enemy. They are also used in rescue operations when the hostages are in danger of being killed if there is even a thought that someone is there. [For more info, see the Non-Classified Data journal entry.]


X-Strike: X-Strike is High Commander Aldanna’s personal team. It is composed of multiple members of the X-Men from multiple realities, though each member is 20 years old or more.


Prime Division: The COR’s version of UNSC ODSTs. Unlike their UNSC counterparts, Primers, as the COR’s normal foot soldiers like to refer to them as, are dropped from orbit in a Mecha suit. When not inside the mech, they use COR Commando armor.




Office of Military Intelligence (OMI): OMI is the ASD’s version of CORI. They only have one group: Spooks. Other than that, they are exactly like CORI.


Orbital Assault and Insertion Commandos (OAIC): The OAICs are the ASD’s answer to the COR’s SPARTAN Vs, Arashakage, and Nano Division. Though they do not have mutant abilities, they are still biologically augmented to make them stronger, faster, and smarter then the normal soldier. They are similar to the UNSC’s ODSTs as their main form of getting to a planet is via drop pods launched from orbit.




Imperial Intelligence: The CRE’s Intelligence branch is similar to a much darker version of the UNSC’s ONI. They will do anything and everything to obtain the goals of the CRE. COR and ASD soldiers commonly refer to them as Ints, or Int Officers.


Imperial Commandos: The CRE’s answer to the ASD’s OAICs and the COR’s Primers. They are deployed in either a drop pod or Mecha grade armor.


Centurion Legionnaires: Legionnaires are the CRE’s answer to the COR’s SPARTAN Vs. Unlike their COR enemies, the synthetic X-Gene they use is temporary, and injected in the battlefield. Legionnaires have been known to lose complete control during a fight.


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